We are Mailbox Solutions llc. We do mailboxes and dropboxes. We only build security locking types that everyone needs. We also do addresses and other verbiage on the boxes per customer needs.

3M exterior vinyl is the product we use. It says it has a 25 year warranty. We don’t know for sure it will last 25 years, we have only been around since 1997, but it is looking good.

About 94.5% of our customers choose Black, White, Light Metallic Gold or Soft Brushed Silver. To satisfy the needs of some businesses and other creative types we have many colors available. The photos below walk you through the process of applying lettering or numbers.

STEP 1 : It is set up on a computer, sized to fit the box. Yes, we are looking at it sideways on the computer screen. We use the magic of stretch or condense, bold or slim to make things fit.


STEP 2: The file is sent to the cutter20160429_132700

STEP 3: The vinyl is on a heavy backing. When the computer is finished the strip is cut off and sign is weeded, meaning the parts that aren’t wanted are removed, leaving the words. Then transfer tape is applied over the characters with a squeegee. The strip is lined and centered ready to apply. The box has been measured and masking tape is used to line up and center the strip of vinyl on the box.



STEP 4: The transfer tape is removed from the backing tape.




Projects are finished and ready for the customer.


Still Outside the Box

I promised to share the rest of the photos. You may remember that last week I went on a game of “Eye Spy” to see what I could find that had nothing to do with boxes as in mailboxes. I chose to search out only round things and I was surprised at how easy it was to find 16 cool things in our office. These things all prove we do think outside the box. Or at least we try very hard to be outside the box.

If you every need a little break at work away from your computer consider  brain exercise. Give this little game a try. Think of a color, or shape, size, or texture then decide on your criterion. Count the items that match your “rule”. Then close your eyes and try to remember them all. Were you able to do it?

On this day I used my camera to capture round items. You can see the rest of the photo on last week’s post Think Outside the Box

A Rainbow of Colors

A DVD supplies so much color. Rainbow whirls and arcs and distorted reflections.

Colorful Vinyl Rolls

Exterior vinyl for making signs, lettering, logos and of course address numbers.

Transfer Tape

 This handy tape is used to transfer the cut decal from the paper backing to the door, window, car, placard, sign or a mailbox.

World Time Clock

This interesting clock shows the exact time for anywhere in the world. This flattened view of the world makes everything distorted. All world maps do the same. What makes this map so unique is the center of the clock is one of the poles. The entire outside ring of the map is the other pole.

Nuts, Bolts and Cams

Funny round divided project parts carrier. These parts complete a lock.

Old School "Dinger" Service Bell

This remains a very simple and practical way for a customer to announce their arrival.

A Doorbell Button

A clever gecko swirls its tail around the doorbell button. A very cute alternative to a plain doorbell.

School Room Clock

There you can see we have a classic Roman Numeral clock on the wall.  Handsome round thing indeed and it proved to be very photogenic. That is a good thing.

Have a good week. So far this week we have been busy, normally when the weather is nasty it usually means a quiet day.

Check back next Tues when we share more stuff about the “exciting” world of mailboxes.

New Gallery Page Added

It seems like it takes longer than we ever expect to get our ducks in a row. It is often a case of time, weather, and opportunity for a full-scale photo shoot is limited. It is always best to simply take a photo of one of our installations. Unfortunately, the installer seldom has a camera available. Or it is raining buckets. Or the traffic is bad and there is another job to dash to. Or…..the battery needs charging.  😦  The little things we all deal with.

Today I went back into our photo archives and pulled out a few that show some of our items. The color rendering is not always accurate.

A fun job today was a customer who ordered a green box with red address numbers. To me it was such a Christmas Box, but for the customer it will match the neighbors up the street, a color combination that is fun and exciting. Here are a couple of photos of the process