Old Replaced with New

Why upgrade when you can keep your old mailbox for years? Yes, it’s rusty and leaning and some of the address numbers are missing, but hey it works to hold the mail. It works only in the sense it give the letter carrier a place to put your mail, it does NOT WORK to keep thieves from stealing it and your ID. This page is dedicated to showing you what a new mailbox can do for the landscape at your house or in your neighborhood.

But a photo is worth a thousand words. See for yourself.

This could be a before photo, but the owner loved it. The name and address were edited out to protect the privacy.

Right next door the owners opted for security and a clean handsome set-up.

Neighbors, you can keep your nostalgic old mailbox, but we think the ones on the right are beautiful.

These are those bad boys, rusted, and not safe. Cute? Not!

One mail station refitted with handsome locking mailboxes

The neighborhood is upgraded and the thieves are trolling somewhere else.

Check back as we add more photos to the before and after page.


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