Mailbox Solutions, LLC was formed in 1997. We began because our consulting firm was home based and we worked on-site. During those hours we were gone our business mail including packets of confidential information and checks arrived in our standard post mount rural (non-locking breadbox shaped) mailbox. The kind that had been around for over a hundred years.

The mailbox design had never changed because no one would ever consider taking someones mail. It just wasn’t done. People in general respected the rights, property and privacy of others. Besides that as children we were convinced that mailboxes were federal property and as surely as the sun rose and set, if we so much as touched a mailbox we would be thrown in the “pokey,” the key thrown away, and we would rot in jail.

My how things changed. Mail theft. ID theft. We needed a locking mailbox that worked and would accept our business sized mail. After hours of internet searches and buying, six mailboxes later we finally had one that would work. Reading the paper we thought perhaps other people needed them also.

It took a truckload sized order to get the manufacturer’s attention to accept us seriously. Mailbox Solutions, LLC was born and the first truck load filled our garage. I seriously had a panic attack as I contemplated how would we sell them before we had to pay for all of them. Especially when everyone who looked at them told us how ugly they were (my sentiments exactly) and they would never have one in front of their house.

We leased a place in Lake Grove Or, outgrew that and moved our company to Wilsonville OR. The company that made the best mailboxes went out of business gave us their plan. From those plans we made substantial improvements and a much stronger product. We sent it off for USPS approval. We met and surpassed their requirements, the mailbox was approved, and we became manufacturers.

As time went on I found I could not stand there and sell a mailbox I knew did not work, had serious flaws, could be reached into, or easily broken into. Every time one of those other boxes was sold and broken into I dealt with angry customers raging at me because they had spent all that money on “my” junky mailbox. We either had to sell only own product or I was out. If I couldn’t believe in the product, I could not sell it.

We increased our product line, continued to listen to customers, updated and improved. Our products are also made in Tualatin OR, which helps provide jobs for metal fabricators, powder coat painters, cardboard box manufacturer, label companies and truck drivers. The other mailboxes are still available at the big box stores, they are cheaper, come from China, and no one stands behind them.

So, that us. A family owned and operated business producing a great product. It has been years since anyone told me they were so ugly they wouldn’t have one in front of their house. People come in because they love the sleek design and the function, the color selection and options, and owning a quality product made in Oregon. People love our mailboxes.

Not the cheapest, not the most expensive, just the best. We are entering our 15th year of success. Come on by and say “hi.”


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