We are Mailbox Solutions llc. We do mailboxes and dropboxes. We only build security locking types that everyone needs. We also do addresses and other verbiage on the boxes per customer needs.

3M exterior vinyl is the product we use. It says it has a 25 year warranty. We don’t know for sure it will last 25 years, we have only been around since 1997, but it is looking good.

About 94.5% of our customers choose Black, White, Light Metallic Gold or Soft Brushed Silver. To satisfy the needs of some businesses and other creative types we have many colors available. The photos below walk you through the process of applying lettering or numbers.

STEP 1 : It is set up on a computer, sized to fit the box. Yes, we are looking at it sideways on the computer screen. We use the magic of stretch or condense, bold or slim to make things fit.


STEP 2: The file is sent to the cutter20160429_132700

STEP 3: The vinyl is on a heavy backing. When the computer is finished the strip is cut off and sign is weeded, meaning the parts that aren’t wanted are removed, leaving the words. Then transfer tape is applied over the characters with a squeegee. The strip is lined and centered ready to apply. The box has been measured and masking tape is used to line up and center the strip of vinyl on the box.



STEP 4: The transfer tape is removed from the backing tape.




Projects are finished and ready for the customer.


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