We Know, You Love Them

In the Forest It's Not

Those of us in the northwest are used to the trunks of our trees growing some very interesting mosses and lichens. They are home to tiny bugs for the birds and also have some wonderful nesting materials. Photographers love the picturesque quality the different textures and colors create. When the sun hits them just right after some rain the greens nearly glow they are so bright.

Beautiful Moss and Lichen Garden

You can find moss, lichens and some fir needles in this photo. They can be pulled off and added to the compost pile or pulled off in sheets to put into pots to help retain the water in your planters. They eventually turn into a soft loam that enhances the garden soil.

Three tree trunks in a row with natural decoration.

The only problem with these three photos is they are not tree trunks you are looking at. The hint at what you at what you see is at the top of the above photo.

We back up a little farther and do you recognize it now?

These picture were from a recent photo shoot. They will be a reminder of the old ones we remember so fondly, like the Christmas cards bedecked with ribbon and holly and snow and a chickadee. But in reality, they are not as charming as we remember as you can see below.

Don't you just love them?

The nice thing was these mailboxes are not in bad shape. They are still doing their job of providing a place for the letter carrier to put the mail. But they do not protect you mail from mail theft. Did you notice only one of the boxes actually has the full address? Makes it a guessing game for a new letter carrier.

And then there's the post, the bugs love it.

Truly it creeped me out when I saw the number of bugs that fell out when the post was picked up. Lots of white larvae of some kind and this shiny black bug with the wiggly pinchers on one end. Our installer loved it, this post was an easy one to remove.

Our Oregon green grabs onto anything in the shade and engulfs it. Cleaning it everything is always on our spring "To Do List."

Even plastic newspaper boxes get a coating of our green.

2 Columbia and 1 Gorge mailbox for a three box replacement.

We may be prejudiced, but we think these three mailboxes on a single post are beautiful in a yard. Is it time you upgraded the look of your street with a new locking mailbox?

“But I like the round-topped ones. Why don’t you put locks on them or inserts so they look like real mailboxes but they lock.”

You have no idea how many times we have heard that. We don’t make round-topped ones because the Postal Regulations absolutely disallow them to have locks. Sure you can buy them, but the letter carrier has no obligation to use it if it does not meet USPS specifications. And why do we make them so big? USPS requires a 1 3/4″ x 10″ minimum slot.

So that’s why our locking mailboxes look like they do. We don’t have to make them so heavy and so strong, but in Oregon if we say it will protect your mail, we believe it will.

We welcome your questions and are here to help. Call us 503-486-5575 M-Th 9-5 and 9-1 on F. We are on Pacific Daylight Time.  Shop our web store any time just my clicking here: mailboxsolutions.com

Thanks for stopping by. We do hope to hear from you.

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