Hello and Welcome

I’m so glad you stopped into our totally awesome new blog where we deal with the subject of mailboxes.

Seriously? Yep, seriously. Well, someone’s gotta do it, unfortunately the big jackpot wheel spun and dang, it landed on me.

Now to be fair, these are not just any mailboxes but genuine locking mailboxes made, by us, in Oregon. We’ll get into the “WHY?” of that in a bit.

So what exactly does our blog photo have to do with mailboxes? Absolutely nothing. It’s just random photos that I take, often through the car window on the way to work. This set is pretty gloomy looking, but that’s what the weather has been like most of the past few weeks. We’ve had lots of fog. Also, I have very few photos on my work computer. Beggars can’t be choosers, so this is it for now. But they will change often, promise.

Which would I prefer as a means of supporting myself? You mean between …hummmmm… mailboxes or photography? Such a silly question. Everyone has some kind of mailbox, but not everyone has one of my photos.

Wait until you see my photos of “mailboxes” not everyone has a collection as impressive as mine. Well, if you are impressed by mailboxes, you will be impressed by these.

In honor of the upcoming holiday of couple of my mailboxes took it upon themselves to dress for the occasion. What do you think of these two?

Our Big Daddy of the mailbox world is the Summit. Look how impressive it is. That is an actually decorated mailbox Mr. Summit is wearing as a chapeau.

On the wall behind Mr. Summit is a portion of a Oregon Historical photo taken in Sisters OR in 1904. You should stop by our business office, if not to buy a new mailbox to at least check out the awesome photo.



Moving right along, not to be outdone. Ms. Gorge (that is GORGE as in Columbia River Gorge, it is not a man’s name) donned her festive holiday ribbons to impress you. What do you think? Isn’t she lovely?

Ms. Gorge flaunts her stunning Contemporary post and add bling with her gorgeous bow.


A locking mailbox does make a perfect gift for someone who does not have a way to protect their mail from theft.

Give them Peace of Mind, not a piece of your mind, but PEACE that comes with knowing your mail arrives and stays safe.


Check back here soon for more exciting news from Mailbox Solutions, LLC. We are the locking mailbox specialists and have product to fill every need, whether it is a home or business, a neighborhood or an huge apartment complex. Mailboxes for posts, walls, indoors or out.

Give us a call- local in Portland Metro 503-486-5575 or 1-800-630-3344   or stop my our warehouse/mfg/office/retail located in Tualatin Oregon at 19350 SW 118th Ave, Tualtin OR 97062  M-Th 9-5 Fr 9-1              Remember our webstore is open anytime and we ship everywhere.      Stop by Mailbox Solutions, LLC in your jammies in the middle of the night http://mailboxsolutions.com click the link. How easy is that?


Please let me know how you like this post. I’ll only give lots of mailbox information if you ask me. Leave a comment and I’ll respond. Service is what we do best.



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